Spot the Ball

The Stock Services Spot the Ball Competition.

We have mentioned on a number of occasions, that we are exhibiting at the SSW2013 in Maastricht between November 12th and 14th BUT, were you aware that we will also be running a competition!!!

Now everyone loves a competition…so if you are lucky enough to be disappearing from work for a few days and attending the exhibition, then get yourself over to our stand S-549 and you can take part in person. If however you are stuck in the office ‘holding down the fort’, whilst others pretend to be busy networking, then we do not want you to miss out. We have added the competition to our website so click this link or the image below to take part!


So what do i need to do, and what’s the prize!?

It’s simple. Come to our stand on any of the three days of the exhibition to take part in the spot the ball competition. All you need to do is select the position of the cricket ball, which has been airbrushed out of an image of a recent game of club cricket. That’s it!

The PRIZE for the lucky participant who gets closest to the ball, is a framed and signed Cricket bat from non other than ex england captain Michael Vaughan. Exciting!

Stock Services 'Spot the cricket ball' Image
Stock Services ‘Spot the ball’ Competition

What else will we be doing at the exhibition.

As well as running the spot the ball competition, two members of the Stock Services team, Peter Comerford and Chris Price (pictured below) will be available on all three days of the exhibition to answer any questions you have. We will also be doing live demonstrations of our website, and can assist you in registering your details so that you can request quotations online when you get back to your office.

Our website shows our physical stock range, so if it shows online, then it is in stock. You can then request a quotation via the website which we will bid as swiftly as we can!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Stock Services Peter Comerford
Peter Comerford
Stock Services - Chris Price
Chris Price




Aircraft Carrier

Not an ordinary day out of the office!

It’s not every day that you walk on to the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier. However, that is what Chris Price and I experienced first-hand last week, on a miserable day in Rosyth, Scotland. After supplying seamless fittings to Righton in 2010, we were pleased to accept a formal invitation to take part in a supplier open day, along with a number of other major contractors.

After a 5 minute health and safety briefing we were soon in overalls, hard hats and safety glasses, and climbing through part finished corridors, up wall ladders, and into the most inner bowels of the new HMS Queen Elizabeth. There is much work still to be done by the looks of things, but our guide for the day Dave Arthur (Wholeship Mechanical Manager) spoke with real passion, enthusiasm and pride at the progress we were witnessing first hand.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Tony Whalley of Righton for the invite. Chris and I had a great time, as did the other suppliers we spoke with on the day.

Aircraft Carrier Visit - October 2013 - Image 2 Chris Price of Stock Services
A very serious Chris Price

So what does the aircraft carrier look like then?

Unfortunately we were not given the green light to take any photos whilst on the aircraft carrier, but I have attached a recent video from the British forces news In no way does this short video do any justice to the sheer scale of this vessel, which will be approaching some 65,000 tonnes when complete, but it does give a good visual!

Information on the vessel is scarce at the moment, but 2017-2018 is still anticipated to be the date of completion and full handover to the Royal Navy. The design of the aircraft carrier has utilised modern cruise ship building techniques of compartmentalising the build, and sections or blocks of the ship have been built at various locations around the UK. Each section has been part manufactured to reduce work on site where the engineers have a steep learning curve having never built a vessel like this before.

Some Figures

The aircraft carrier will use electricity to turn two 33 tonne propellers and will sail at over 30 knots generating enough power to run some 5,500 homes. The carrier will carry almost 1000 serving crew when operational. Each of the aircraft carriers will have operating theatres, a medical suite and a dental surgery. The aircraft carrier will have a range of approx. 10,000 nautical miles.

The Queen Elizabeth will be capable of carrying 40 aircraft including up to 35 F-35 Jets and 4 helicopters. The ‘Queen Elizabeth’ and ‘Prince of Wales’ vessel’s will carry 24 F-35s in line with the current purchase of 48 jets from Lockheed Martin. If you want to read more about the aircraft carrier, please have a look at the following link.

Stock Services Updates

If you have managed to put up with my ramblings and are still reading, then I may as well draw your attention to the serious matter of what is actually going on at Stock Services! We have recently been telling you about our forays into Stainless Steel Flanges. We currently stock Slip on and Blind flanges up to 24 NPS, but have been INUNDATED with requests for Weld Neck flanges. Hurrah…the first batch is arriving on the 31st of October from Viraj, so keep those enquiries coming in, and we will gladly quote you on a forward order.

Duplex Fittings

Remember to try us out for EU origin UNS S31803 seamless fittings. We have a range of material up to and including 6NB in Sch 10S, 40S, 80S and 160 so keep the enquiries coming in. Check our site for current stock levels and then click the product you are enquiring about to see our stock levels.

Aircraft Carrier Visit - October 2013 - Image 1, Peter Comerford of Stock Services
Aircraft Carrier Visit – October 2013