Graham Comerford Charity Boxing event.

Stock Services – Charity Boxing for Promise Dreams.

Over the last 40 years, Graham Comerford has been a major player in the UK Stainless Steel Industry. After cutting his teeth in his junior years at RGB, Graham has worked for some of the largest players in the UK stockholding and manufacturing industry including Uddeholm, Valen, Avesta and Glamal. Since 2002 he has been running his own stockholding business Stock Services.

There are many in the stainless steel industry who will know Graham well, you may have worked for him at some stage in your career, or you may have done business with him at some point over the last four decades.

Like him, or loathe him, the most important announcement in his long career follows here:

He’s about to slug it out in the boxing ring, and you are invited to come and watch ‘The Cockney Yammer’ have the fight of his life!

Image of Graham 'The Cockney Yammer'
Graham Comerford of Stock Services to box for Children’s charity ‘Promise Dreams’

What’s this all about?

After being offered the chance to join a team of novice climbers who were looking to climb to base camp of Mount Everest in 2015, Graham decided that the best possible way to get in shape would be to take up boxing.

Unfortunately the Everest trip was cancelled early this year, but he continued with the boxing training, and has now accepted a fresh challenge of stepping into the ring to raise money for the charity Promise Dreams.

Being paired with another novice boxer about 30 years his junior Graham will be fighting on May 16th 2015 at ‘Sampson’s Banqueting Suite’ in Oldbury.

Check out his training regime for the big fight by clicking the link – Graham training pre fight

Can I come along?

Of course you can join us. You can get in contact with us by telephone or send us an email here. Tickets for this event will sell quickly as there are 14 boxers competing on the night all with friends and family coming along to make some noise. Please let us know if you would like to attend as soon as possible so we can add you to our tables.

How can I make a donation?

If you cant make the event, but would like to make a donation, then please follow the link here. All donations will be going to Promise Dreams who are a national registered children’s charity launched in 2001 to make the dreams come true for seriously & terminally ill children, and their families, across the UK. For more information about the charity click the image below, or just here!

Promise dreams charity logo
Find out what we do by clicking here!