Scumrun 2014 – We only won!

A big thank you.

£5,816.51 was JUST enough to give us the crown as this year’s highest Scumrun fundraisers by a huge four quid! I would like to say a big thank you to all those that sponsored us either personally or from a business! We originally targeted £3,000 as a team, but generated £3075.01 from stainless steel stockists and traders alone, meaning we were able to eventually beg, steal and borrow our way to the top of this year’s fundraising tree!

The charity Tommy’s has almost raised its target of £100,000 (currently £94,500 received) to help build a new research centre which will carry out vital research investigating the causes of miscarriage and stillbirths. This is really crucial work and affects as many as 1 in 4 people, who will suffer pregnancy related issues. The fundraising ends this month, so if you forgot, didn’t have the time, or would now like to donate to this great cause, then please feel free to follow this link.

Winning team photo - £5816.51
Team ‘Super-Furry-Animals’, the top fundraisers at Scumrun 2014!

Scumrun 2014 – What’s it all about?

I have had a lot of contact with customers and suppliers right up to and after this year’s event, all asking what we were doing and why? About 6 years ago I heard about this charity event and decided along with a mate of mine that we should get involved. Having let life get in the way of a good idea, I had to wait until this year to eventually take part. I discussed the event over the Christmas holiday with 3 other friends from RS Motors and, just like me, they were instantly up for an excuse to go on a glorified holiday!

The aim of the Scumrun event is SIMPLE. Get a large group of car enthusiasts together, buy a load of bangers (cars under £500), and then have an organised road trip across Europe. The destination and checkpoints for each day of the event are not released until each morning making the trip even more interesting. The competitors are then challenged collectively to raise £100,000 for a nominated child or baby charity. This year, the charity was Tommy’s.

Our team had decided on an 8 year old Renault Laguna as our cheap chariot, and with a little help from Vision Media and RS Motors, the car had its ‘go faster stripes’ and company logo’s added in typical bloke fashion – i.e. the night before the journey. We left Birmingham the day before the event begun and headed down to the meeting point – Brands Hatch race circuit – to meet up with the 350 other competitors. After a bit of a meet and greet in the car park on the evening, it was off to bed ‘early-ish’ to get set for the start of the event.

Brands Hatch - Scumrun Start May 2014 - Tommy's Cheerleaders
Making Friends on day one – The Tommy’s Charity Cheerleaders

Day One – Thursday 8th May

On Thursday morning we met back at Brands Hatch circuit, and took in a few laps with all the other teams. This was our first chance to see some of the opposition vehicles taking part in the event. Due to the sheer number of vehicles that were on the track we didn’t get much chance to stretch the legs of the ‘viper stripped’ racing Laguna, but we did spy a number of heavily modified BMW and Audi motorcars, as well as a couple of Jags, a SHED complete with picket fence and pot plants and even a Rolls Royce!

After signing in, we got to meet 5th Gear’s Vicki Butler Henderson, the Tommy’s charity crew and the Scumrun events team. We then cruised down to Dover ferry port for the first leg of our journey. 

On disembarking in France, we were set a challenge to reach a campsite in Nancy France but had to try and cross as many EU boarders as possible and take accompanying photographs as evidence. We took in only Belgium and Luxembourg and arrived at the camp site about fifteenth in some truly horrendous conditions. Some teams took in Holland and Germany as well, and arrived considerably later that evening, considerably wetter, and considerably hungrier!

#Selfie #VBH
#Selfie #VBH

 Day Two – Friday 9th May

After a good night’s sleep the question on everyone’s lips was, ‘Where are we going to be going today?’ I was hoping we were going to be going further south, and I was not disappointed when after breakfast, we were told to make our way down to Milan! Not only are we going to be going to Milan tonight, but we are given a couple of tasks include finding a car show in France, and to set our sights on the largest plain water waterfall in Europe on the river Rhine in Switzerland.

Scumrun 2014 - Rhine Falls in Switzerland
Rhine Falls – Switzerland

After dispatching the first two missions in good time, we noticed on our route map that we could take either the Gotthard Tunnel, or the Saint Gotthard Pass. Quick vote, 100% in favour of the pass. Unfortunately we didn’t notice that the pass was closed at this time of year and after excitedly whizzing round hair pin bends for a couple of miles with a few other scumrunners, we were forced to turn around. Rather than turn back for the tunnel we instead tried the Furkapass made famous by a car chase scene in the James Bond Film ‘Goldfinger’ featuring an Aston Martin DB5 and a Ford Mustang. We were not able to replicate the film as travelling at any great speed was made impossible due the amount of melting snow and ice water flowing all over the road!

As you can see in the image below, there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground and we were unable to pass the summit where the snow was still a good 6-8 foot deep!

Therefore our only option was to join the traffic jam slowly filtering through the Gotthard Tunnel.

Scumrun 2014 - Furka Pass Switzerland
Furka Pass was closed before the summit due to Snow…how annoying!

Arriving at about 9pm in Milan was not ideal, but after a pizza (‘When in Rome’, or Milan in our case) we were straight out on the town. After spending several hours in the town centre we noticed a group of trendy looking youths boarding a tram. We decided that this must be where the party continued and so boarded the tram ending up about 6 miles outside of the city and wandering through what seemed like any ordinary suburban housing development. Our new found ‘mates’ seemed baffled that we had driven from Birmingham to Milan and boarded a tram with a bunch of strangers in search of a nightclub.

What we found was quite spectacular, Armani Prive is an open air private members club which has played host to many celebrity clientele over the years including Beyonce et al. Suffice to say, we were not the A list type, and looking at the Queue we made the decision that our only chance of entry was to scale the fence, hide from the security in the bushes, and then slide in through the semi open walls of the nightclub. Unfortunately we were spotted and rather unceremoniously escorted out via the garden water sprinkler systems. Not to be defeated, we collared another doorman and on showing him our trip photo montage, he decided that it was better to let us in, than listen to any more of our inane ramblings!

Scumrun 2014 - Milano nighclub image
We got in – Club Prive Armani – Just Cavalli Milano

Day 3 – Saturday 10th May

After a late night, the early start the following day was not welcomed with rapturous applause. Instead our designated driver shoe horned us into the car and began the journey to Lyon our destination for that day. Being in Milan, we were given a couple of tasks to complete, and duly took in the San Siro and Monza race circuit before beginning the journey into France.

Scumrun 2014 - Gendarmerie
The Gendarmerie stinging us for 90 Euro on the way to Lyon – Suffice to say we were comfortably first to camp today!

It seems like some of the spirit of Monza had rubbed off on us and we were relived of 90 Euros for speeding when only a couple of miles away from camp! After two long days it was a welcome relief to arrive at our destination in the afternoon, and we spent the afternoon relaxing and chatting to fellow competitors and the organisers about the trip so far.

We also found out that we were three cars lighter, after two BMW’s and the Rolls Royce had all had major engine failures and had been replaced with courtesy cars for the remainder of the event!

About 200 of us were then collected from the camp site later that evening and spent a good three to four hours in Lyon’s main square before returning to a nightclub nearer our campsite for a nightcap. It seemed to be a much more relaxed night, but later that evening the locals began an impromptu breakdancing competition, and I cannot wait to see the video footage, IF of course, it makes the final cut!

Day 4 – Sunday 11th May

Rather sensibly, the final drive in our journey was a relatively short three hours to the Bordeaux region of France. Rather than spend time sampling the vineyards of this famous part of France, we headed straight to our camp site, which came complete with a large Jacuzzi hot tub and outdoor swimming pool.

The organisers had sensibly arranged for us to arrive early so we could have a party and BBQ that afternoon resulting in many people getting a much needed early night before the long drive back home the following day.

Scumrun 2014 Fifty Shed's of Grey!
Convoy with one of the more exotic sheds in our party – ‘Fifty Shed’s of Grey!’

Day 5 – Monday 12th May

The long and winding road back to Dunkirk was despatched in a little over EIGHT hours without any major drama, and after a couple of hours spent at the ferry port, all of the remaining cars boarded the ferry back home.

The most important part of the trip was coming up on the way back home, when prizes were given out for Best Modified Car, Best Dressed Team, Completion of all Tasks Awards and then the big one. The top three fundraisers!

As you already know, we managed to claim the title by a couple of pounds and won a signed replica Mercedes Formula One Car signed by Sir Sterling Moss and Lewis Hamilton! Happy Days 🙂

The fundraising ends on the 16th of June, so if you have a few pounds you would like to throw into the pot, then please use this link.

The racing Laguna in France - Scumrun 2014
The racing Laguna in France!

Overall Experience

I feel we have in our own way done our little bit to reinforce the stereotype of the Brit/Idiot Abroad.

The whole journey was over 2300 miles, but the car journeys flew by in the ‘racing laguna with added viper stripes’. At every checkpoint or service stop you bumped into other competitors and regularly ended up in convoys traveling on motorway, country lanes, or mountain passes.

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of the Scumrun, and it is likely to be the biggest event yet. I for one am eagerly looking forward to the adventure…is anyone else in?!

If you would like to make a personal donation to Tommy’s, please use this link, and thanks for reading 🙂

In car image - Scumrun 2014 - Stock Services
The Super Furry Animals – Team 49 – Scumrun 2014!


Charity Fundraiser – Scumrun 2014

Stock Services to drive 3000 miles in £500 banger in aid of baby charity Tommy’s.

Stock Services have joined forces with RS Motors and Rippedbody to enter Europe’s biggest banger rally to raise money for pregnancy and baby charity Tommy’s. Team RS Motors will be taking on the 3000 mile Scumrun from Thursday 8 May in a bid to raise £3500 for the charity.

What is the Scumrun?

The Scumrun will see 100 teams drive across Europe for four days, navigating to secret locations only revealed to them on the day. The rules of the challenge include picking up a car (or shed) for no more than £500, and adapting it to get it road-ready for the 3000 mile journey.

Team RS Motors is made up of school friends Peter Comerford and Andrew Morgan and a pair of  car body shop owners Todd Waterfield and Richard Smith. The team will be driving a 10 year old Renault Laguna that has sat stationary and steadily rotting for the last 4 years. The team have changed the cam belt, water pumps, brakes, tyres, had the car serviced, MOT’d and most importantly CLEANED.

We have been raising money by offering business’ who sponsor us between £100-250 space on our vehicle to place their company advertising. This has been very successful, and we have already raised over £2700 at the time of writing this article.We will be having all company logo’s professionally added by to the vehicle courtesy of Nadeem Cheema’s company Vision Media, who are kindly waiving their fees to help us raise even more money for Tommy’s.

As well as the business donations, we are also looking for personal donations, so please feel free to donate here. It is all for a great cause and we will add plenty of images via our twitter accounts (see below) so do add us.

Scumrun charity image - Stock Services
The Stock Services Scumrun Chariot – The Mighty Renault Laguna!

Who are Tommy’s, and what do they do?

Tommy’s funds medical research into premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage, as well as providing support and advice for parents-to-be to help them have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Every year, 1 in 4 parents in the UK will lose a baby during pregnancy or birth, and 60,000 babies are born prematurely. The charity is hoping that Scumrun teams will together raise £100,000 towards helping save babies’ lives.

Peter Comerford of Stock Services said:

“I’m looking forward to the adventure, which, despite the obvious breakdowns and mishaps, I hope will be a lot of fun. It’s for a great cause and I’m looking for as much sponsorship as possible”.

Todd Waterfield, Operations Manager of RS Motors said:

“I’ll be surprised if we even make it from Birmingham to the ferry in this old heap, I’ve just renewed my European breakdown cover and I’m sure it’ll come in handy. We are really chuffed that we can raise so much money to help support families all over the country and try and save babies’ lives.”

How do I donate?

To donate to Team RS Motors, visit all personal donations large and small are welcome.

To follow our progress please add us on twitter using the below details

Thank you for reading!



Goodbye Hilly Billy – Pete Hill retires.

The end of a legend!

After a paltry 50 years in the industry Pete Hill has finally called it a day!

Starting out his career in 1963 at Spartan Steels as a trainee metallurgist Peter went on to qualify as Associate of Institute of Metallurgy.

Having qualified as a metallurgist in 1975 he immediately took a job as a salesman for RGB (Then R G Brown), working under the draconian management regime of our own lovable Chris Price. Not a marriage made in heaven.

As it soon became apparent that Peter was far too nice to sell to anyone and should have stayed in metallurgy a very wise decision was made to transfer his technical skills into setting up a very efficient QA department.

In 1993 he was on the move again. This time to Avesta Stainless working as QA manager within the newly set up projects department run by yours truly. (Well I had to find someone to sort out all of those data books required by the contractors). Pete took to it like a duck to rock climbing!

We had many a great time travelling around Europe carrying out supplier Kick off project meetings and getting royally pissed at every opportunity. (Boy can this guy drink!!)

His next move was in 2004 to Metalfin as their new QA manager, taking full responsibility for the group quality control in tubular and flat products.

Pete Hill at Stock Services

Fortunately for the health of the industry Pete decided that work was getting in the way of his two great loves, drinking and regular cruising around the world with his wife, the lovely Jane, so in 2007 he decided to go part time as QA consultant to Stock Services. A job he has carried out with great commitment and the necessary patience to cope with our quirky way of doing things.

His last role for us was to amazingly manoeuvre us through our latest Lloyds audit, a herculean feat!

I am sure, like us here at Stock Services everyone who has had the great privilege of working with Peter will want to wish him all the very best for the future.

In honour of his great services we have awarded him the honorary position of first on list at all future company evenings (piss ups)

If anyone would like to send him any wishes you can do so by posting a comment on this blog

Image of Pete Hill - stock services QA 2007-2014
Pete Hill – The ‘last free cup’ of Stock Services tea in hand!

Fantasy League 2014 & PN16 Flanges

It’s getting tight at the top!

With only a few game weeks to go in the annual Stock Services fantasy league, it is getting very tight at the top of the table.

As of 24th March 2014 James Street of Midsteel has taken a 1 point lead ahead of last years bottom placed finisher Andrew Charlesworth of Berkeley Stainless and 2010-2011 winner John Smith of ASD. Still within touching distance is 2011-2012 & 2012-2013 winner Norman Lester of HPF Energy Services.

Very close behind the lead four are a number of others including YSL’s Tony Smith and SPI’s Matt Stapleton. Good luck to all in the run in to the season!

Last years fantasy league winner Norman Lester, and guests including Flow Technology, T Allen and Alexander Comley joined us at the races on the 14th March 2014. We had a great day out in the sunshine at Cheltenham racecourse with plenty of winners and places alike. We wish the challengers for this years title good luck.

For information on our competition check out our blog page here.

Image of 2014 Cheltenham Gold Cup racecourse - 10 minutes to the off!
2014 Cheltenham Gold Cup – 10 minutes to the off!


New products in stock – PN16 EN Flanges

PN16 flanges are now in stock at Stock Services UK. A full range of Slip on and Blind EN1092-1 flanges in grades 304/L and 316/L are shown here on our website. Try us out for all your enquiries.

Remember also, that we carry a full range of ASTM flanges.

We also can quickly manufacture and freight large ASA and EN flanges directly from our mills in China on short lead times of 15/25 days. This can often save you both time and cost, so please send us your enquiries for all large stainless steel flanges to


Thanks for reading, good luck to the competition entrants, and keep those flange enquiries flooding in 🙂

PN16 Flanges

New Stock Arrives

We have mentioned it on a number of occasions, but our first batch of PN16 Flanges has arrived into our UK stock.

As requested by a number of our customers we have put in Slip on and Blind PN16 flanges in both grades 304/304L and 316/316L. Our range begins at 1/2 NB and runs through to 8 NB.

As with all our products, you can view our full range on our website and request a quotations online. We also have the ability to manufacture and airfreight all types of flanges including PN16 (PN16 are now superseded by EN1092-1) up to and including 60 NB in our standard range. We can offer special flanges up to 160 NB (approximately 13ft) and up to 4 Metric Tonnes on quick lead times of between 10-25 days ex mill in a variety of grades.

To see our range of 304/304L PN Flanges click here.

To see our range of 316/316L PN Flanges click here.

The last box of PN16 Flanges goes into stock!
The last box of PN16 Flanges goes into stock!

Charity fundraiser – The 2014 Scumrun

Stock Services along with RS Motors and Rippedbody will be taking part in the 2014 Scumrun. To donate please click here, or for more details see our charity page which includes details of the event, how to follow our progress, and most importantly how you can donate to the charity Tommy’s. Tommy’s do excellent work researching and providing free information about the problems related to pregnancy and child birth.

The Stock Services Scumrun Chariot - The Laguna
The Stock Services Scumrun Chariot – The Laguna

Coming soon – Welded butt weld fittings!

We will soon be taking delivery of our initial stock of stainless steel WELDED butt weld fittings. After selling solely SEAMLESS butt weld fittings since 2008 we have decided that to compliment our growth into the ASA and EN Flange markets, we need to stock welded fittings. Our range will include 90 Long Radius Elbows, Equal Tees and Concentric Reducers from 1 NB up to and including 8 NB in grades 304/L and 316/L.

We will continue to sell only to UK Traders and Stockists, so you can be confident that we will not sell directly to YOUR CUSTOMERS.


Spot the ball winner

Congratulations Arnold

As revealed in our last blog post, Arnold Pol of Arcus in Dordrecht Holland was our spot the ball winner at the recent SSW2013 exhibition in Maastricht. An article has been published in Stainless Steel World Magazine, and will feature in the February 2014 edition.

For those that took part and did not win, I hope you were not too disappointed, but you may at least take some comfort that Arnold was thrilled with his victory. The bat is now residing on a wall in his home, and is the envy of all his friends and family 🙂

I have attached an image below of Arnold and myself with the aforementioned prize.

Image of Arnold Pol form Arcus - Spot the ball winner - Stock Services
Arnold Pol of Arcus – Winner of the Stock Services ‘spot the cricket ball’ competition

We plan to run another competition later in the year so please sign up to our mailing list here to be the first to know.

Stainless Steel Flanges

We have now taken delivery of our first batch of Weld Neck Flanges in grades 304/304L and 316/316L.

All our stock is shown live on our website so feel free to take a look. Click here for stock of 304/304L Weld Neck Flanges and for our 316/316L Weld Neck stock levels click here. Our website is updated every day so please bookmark our site and check our stock as you receive your enquiries.

You can also request your quotations directly off of the website, so take a look at our full stock range which includes slip on and blind flanges as well as a full range of seamless butt weld fittings.

Coming Soon – PN Flanges and Welded Fittings

We mentioned in our last post that we will soon be stocking PN16 flanges (EN1092-1). In addition to this we will be purchasing initial stocks of Welded Butt Weld Pipe Fittings very soon, so keep checking back on the website for more details.

Remember we stock Seamless Fittings in grades 304/304L, 316/316L and UNS S31803 as well as our flanges so try us out for your enquiries.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Spot the Ball Winner

Maastricht Exhibition Competition Winner

It’s a couple of weeks on from the Maastricht exhibition, and after a great response to our ‘spot the cricket ball’ competition, we now have a winner. I have attached below the competition image and below that the original image showing you where the ball is. I can almost hear you gasp, ‘that was where I thought it was, did I win!?’

After receiving hundreds of entries from locations as varied as New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile, Israel and the USA, our eventual winner was from much closer to home in the Netherlands. Coincidentally this is the same country as the exhibition was taking place in, so unfortunately not many air miles for me on this occasion.

Arnold Pol from Arcus is the spot the ball winner. His guess was almost completely ‘spot on’, being less than 10 pixels away from the centre of the ball. Congratulations to him, and I hope he finds some use for his framed cricket bat. Maybe he could donate it to the Dutch international cricket side, it may bring them some luck and even some runs 🙂

I have contacted Arnold, and will be organising a visit to present him with the signed cricket bat in the coming weeks. A photo will follow in an upcoming blog post, and a short article will appear in the new edition of stainless steel world magazine.

Stock Services - Spot the ball competition - without the ball.
Competition image – where is that ball?
Stock Services - Spot the ball competition - with the ball
Here it is…Simple!


Thanks for taking part

Thank you to all those who took part, and don’t be too upset if you didn’t win on this occasion as we may run another competition in the new year. If you want to be a spot the ball winner, then keep your eyes peeled for our emails, or add us by searching Stock Services to your Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn accounts for updates.

If you didn’t get to visit the exhibition in person, I have attached a photo below of me holding the prized Michael Vaughan signed cricket bat. Feel free to leave any witty comments!

Spot the ball bat
Spot the ball prize!


Stock Services News

We have just taken delivery of our first batch of Weld Neck Flanges in grades 304/304L and 316/316L. To check our current stock levels, please click here for 316/L weld necks, or click here for 304/L. Our website is updated daily so the figures you see are the accurate quantities that we have in stock.

We will be increasing this weld neck range along with our slip on and blind flanges over the coming three to six months and we will also be adding PN16 flanges (EN1092-1) so keep an eye out for these on our website.

Remember we stock Seamless Fittings in grades 304/304L, 316/316L and UNS S31803 as well as our flanges so try us out for your enquiries.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Spot the Ball

The Stock Services Spot the Ball Competition.

We have mentioned on a number of occasions, that we are exhibiting at the SSW2013 in Maastricht between November 12th and 14th BUT, were you aware that we will also be running a competition!!!

Now everyone loves a competition…so if you are lucky enough to be disappearing from work for a few days and attending the exhibition, then get yourself over to our stand S-549 and you can take part in person. If however you are stuck in the office ‘holding down the fort’, whilst others pretend to be busy networking, then we do not want you to miss out. We have added the competition to our website so click this link or the image below to take part!


So what do i need to do, and what’s the prize!?

It’s simple. Come to our stand on any of the three days of the exhibition to take part in the spot the ball competition. All you need to do is select the position of the cricket ball, which has been airbrushed out of an image of a recent game of club cricket. That’s it!

The PRIZE for the lucky participant who gets closest to the ball, is a framed and signed Cricket bat from non other than ex england captain Michael Vaughan. Exciting!

Stock Services 'Spot the cricket ball' Image
Stock Services ‘Spot the ball’ Competition

What else will we be doing at the exhibition.

As well as running the spot the ball competition, two members of the Stock Services team, Peter Comerford and Chris Price (pictured below) will be available on all three days of the exhibition to answer any questions you have. We will also be doing live demonstrations of our website, and can assist you in registering your details so that you can request quotations online when you get back to your office.

Our website shows our physical stock range, so if it shows online, then it is in stock. You can then request a quotation via the website which we will bid as swiftly as we can!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Stock Services Peter Comerford
Peter Comerford
Stock Services - Chris Price
Chris Price




Aircraft Carrier

Not an ordinary day out of the office!

It’s not every day that you walk on to the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier. However, that is what Chris Price and I experienced first-hand last week, on a miserable day in Rosyth, Scotland. After supplying seamless fittings to Righton in 2010, we were pleased to accept a formal invitation to take part in a supplier open day, along with a number of other major contractors.

After a 5 minute health and safety briefing we were soon in overalls, hard hats and safety glasses, and climbing through part finished corridors, up wall ladders, and into the most inner bowels of the new HMS Queen Elizabeth. There is much work still to be done by the looks of things, but our guide for the day Dave Arthur (Wholeship Mechanical Manager) spoke with real passion, enthusiasm and pride at the progress we were witnessing first hand.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Tony Whalley of Righton for the invite. Chris and I had a great time, as did the other suppliers we spoke with on the day.

Aircraft Carrier Visit - October 2013 - Image 2 Chris Price of Stock Services
A very serious Chris Price

So what does the aircraft carrier look like then?

Unfortunately we were not given the green light to take any photos whilst on the aircraft carrier, but I have attached a recent video from the British forces news In no way does this short video do any justice to the sheer scale of this vessel, which will be approaching some 65,000 tonnes when complete, but it does give a good visual!

Information on the vessel is scarce at the moment, but 2017-2018 is still anticipated to be the date of completion and full handover to the Royal Navy. The design of the aircraft carrier has utilised modern cruise ship building techniques of compartmentalising the build, and sections or blocks of the ship have been built at various locations around the UK. Each section has been part manufactured to reduce work on site where the engineers have a steep learning curve having never built a vessel like this before.

Some Figures

The aircraft carrier will use electricity to turn two 33 tonne propellers and will sail at over 30 knots generating enough power to run some 5,500 homes. The carrier will carry almost 1000 serving crew when operational. Each of the aircraft carriers will have operating theatres, a medical suite and a dental surgery. The aircraft carrier will have a range of approx. 10,000 nautical miles.

The Queen Elizabeth will be capable of carrying 40 aircraft including up to 35 F-35 Jets and 4 helicopters. The ‘Queen Elizabeth’ and ‘Prince of Wales’ vessel’s will carry 24 F-35s in line with the current purchase of 48 jets from Lockheed Martin. If you want to read more about the aircraft carrier, please have a look at the following link.

Stock Services Updates

If you have managed to put up with my ramblings and are still reading, then I may as well draw your attention to the serious matter of what is actually going on at Stock Services! We have recently been telling you about our forays into Stainless Steel Flanges. We currently stock Slip on and Blind flanges up to 24 NPS, but have been INUNDATED with requests for Weld Neck flanges. Hurrah…the first batch is arriving on the 31st of October from Viraj, so keep those enquiries coming in, and we will gladly quote you on a forward order.

Duplex Fittings

Remember to try us out for EU origin UNS S31803 seamless fittings. We have a range of material up to and including 6NB in Sch 10S, 40S, 80S and 160 so keep the enquiries coming in. Check our site for current stock levels and then click the product you are enquiring about to see our stock levels.

Aircraft Carrier Visit - October 2013 - Image 1, Peter Comerford of Stock Services
Aircraft Carrier Visit – October 2013

Stainless Steel Flanges

Good day, well it was until i tried to lift a couple of 24 inch blind flanges! They are just a little heavier than the seamless fittings we are used to picking and packing on a daily basis.

Stainless Steel Flanges in Stock!

We have been talking about it for a while now, but our first delivery of stainless steel flanges have arrived. We are stocking a range of 150# and 300# slip on and blind flanges in dual certified grades 304/304L and 316/316L. Our range begins at 1/2 NB upto and including 24 NB so there should be enough for you to get your teeth into. The first batch of stock is now packed and loaded onto our systems ready for sale, so please give us your enquiries to quote against.

As with all our stocks we give you full visibility of our stock range and these can be found by clicking here and then picking either 304 or 316 flanges. You may notice that we have stainless steel weld neck flanges showing on our website. These are due to be arriving in October and November from Viraj, so please keep us in mind for your requirements of weld neck flanges nearer the time.

Stock Services ASME Flanges 1
Yep, that’s a flange!


As well as the stock flanges, we are also happy to offer quick lead times on specials direct from China. If you have any urgent requests, we can offer to airfreight jobs on short lead times of less than 15 days, potentially saving you time and money trying to source elsewhere.

UNS S31803 Duplex Steel Fittings in stock.

We have also had more deliveries of UNS S31803 seamless fittings over recent weeks, so keep us in mind for your enquiries. Our initial stock material is all manufactured in the UK, and in accordance with Norsok M630. Stock is shown live online, so please try us out.


Duplex seamless fittings now available at stock services.
Wow, it’s a duplex fitting!

Thanks for popping by and taking a look at our most recent post today. We hope to see you again soon!